God's Voice

Yes, In Due Season We Will Hear God's Voice

09/06/2011 03:01
Some people are aware that God speaks to them  daily. Some spend hours in prayer and fasting. Those devout Christian's,athough; their faith believe that God is listening to them as well as speaking, their is no physical voice of God being heard in their ears. God is a spirit, he isn't a...
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Hey, If you've enjoyed In Due Season. You can also check out my friend Valerie Bowen's Book "For The Sake Of Amelia: Tormented" It is a chilling book about

an abused woman who finds strenght, courage and romance. You can find it at amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.

Welcome to my website

In due Season: We Will hear God's Voice, is a book that is a must read. You will learn just how much God loves us. He loves us enough to speak to us in dreams and to send a legion of his angels to protect us. This book is a testimony to the world that those who loves the Lord should make it a desire and habit to seek God's voice on a daily basis.  There are many personal experiences that has happened in my life and they are a myriad of supernatural encounters.  Perhaps you're thinking that God doesn't speak in an audible voice in today's world.

I have news for you, he does. I am a freelance writer who has taken the time to publish this book for the world. It is my testimony and I am sure many people also have had supernatural encounters. Reading this book will tell them that they are not the only ones and that they are not alone. We all are surrounded by God and his angels.  If you are interested in purchasing this book "In Due Season: We Will Hear God's Voice." you can find it at amazon.com or you can also go to https://www.createspace.com/3642275 the password to get into the estore to purchase the book is Jessie49.   If you have a specific Bookstore you prefer, ask them to order a copy of "In Due Season: We will hear God's voice" for you. Enjoy your book and may God Bless you. Oh Yeah, good news, you can find this book in the Amazon Kindle Store on August 26,2011.

Here is a Barnes and Noble Review, my very first from: dolphin2011

I highly recommend this book to everyone

It was a wonderful book. It is very touching, I encourage everyone to purchase one.
Just reading Chapter one makes you don't want to put the book down. Reading this book
makes you feel like you are the person that's being touched by God. I love this book.


Here is a my youtube video link for my book. Please enjoy it.



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