Yes, In Due Season We Will Hear God's Voice

09/06/2011 03:01

Some people are aware that God speaks to them  daily. Some spend hours in prayer and fasting.
Those devout Christian's,athough; their faith believe that God is listening to them as well as
speaking, their is no physical voice of God being heard in their ears.

God is a spirit, he isn't a physical being. However, if he chose to manifest into a physical
being he can do so and no one can't do anything to stop him. Why would you want to anyway.
Our spirits are constantly being spoken to by God even when we don't realize or acknowledge

I have been blessed with the gift to hear God speak and I have had angelic encounters. 
I know that I'm not the only one out there that has had these kinds of experiences.  I
would like to hear other people talk about these experiences and also share their
beautiful experiences with the world.

Many people are too busy with their lives to even notice when God is speaking to them.
They put God in a box and Sunday morning they go to church and afteward'sr they are back
to their busy lifestyles throughout the week.

I never will knock someone for telling me that they have heard the voice of God because
sometimes when we are down and out, lonely, scared or just experiencing nothing but
grief, that is when God reaches out to us. He will speak to someone who needs
their faith strenghtened. Love is the driving force behind God reaching out to us.

People have the potential to let you down. Family and friends can turn their back on
you, use or abuse you. Your faith can easily be shakened in people, so why not
devote your heart and soul to God.

He is there for us. Call on him when you are going through some strife in your life,
call on him when you feel oppressed or when you are going through plenty of turmoil.

I have seen plenty of turmoil and I put my faith in God to see me through, I had plenty
of rough patches. 
Only a few people will read this and understand, maybe even purchase my book to see
the experiences I've had.

The ones that  don't  really does not care to know, they're not ready to know that God
loves them and will speak to them.  Or perhaps they might just be the who can't afford to purchase it.

What ever the reason it would be sad if someone feels it's just not worth it to them
to read my book. Hey, it's on Kindle for $2.99 you can't beat that price.

Don't just purchase this book, read it and forget about it. absorb what you read and
share with the ones you love. Spread the word that God speaks.  Tell your pastor
and church mates about how wonderful this book is.

God led me to write this book for a reason. He does not want it collecting dust on
the bookstore shelves nor does he want it collecting dust on your book shelf at

In Due Season can  be found in the major bookstore chains and in the smaller
independent bookstores. This is a print on demand book, so if you ask your
bookstore clerk to order it for you, i'm sure it will not be a problem.

After you purchase my book on amazon, make a review and let your opinion about
In Due Season be heard. Make a blog, sign the guest book. I am not asking
for anyone to give a kidney, just an opinion and to invest in a heart
touching book that just might change your thoughts about believing that
the spirit world is not real, it is most definitely real and you are loved by

God more than you'll ever comprehend.