Date: 12/02/2011

By: ♥ Girl20pretty ♥

Subject: ..

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Date: 11/07/2011

By: Michael Crider

Subject: I look forward to reading your book

I have had encounters with the Lord too! I go to a church that welcomes the Holy Spirit and all of His benefits. The Lord has touched my life in so many ways. I have heard from Him, but I go through dry periods where I just rest in my faith that He is there whether I can feel Him or not. My wife and I are going for a sozo session in 2 weeks, I hope this will open up the line of communication. I will buy your book!!
Michael Crider

Date: 12/01/2011

By: Leslie Trotter

Subject: Re: I look forward to reading your book

God Bless you and your family, Michael. I know you will be blessed while
reading the book. God is good and he is there with you even when you are going through those dry spells. Just hang on and watch God's love flow through you and your families lives. Enjoy the book!

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