Give This Book A Chance To Bless You

10/18/2011 17:48

Do you know that God speaks to his children any way he thinks is best? Perhaps in a moment when we need him most, or a moment when we least expect to hear him. Misery and Mayhem can blind us when we are going through it everyday.Sometimes we are so overwhelmed that we can't recognize that God is  telling us to slow down so he can comfort us, guide us and instruct us on how to handle such matters.

Many of us wants to handle our miseries  ourselves as though we have the solution to them and it is possible you can straighten your life out on your own. However, God makes all things right. God can provide you with a new job if you have lost one, God can restore your home that was damaged in a natural disaster and he can deliver you from alcohol and drugs if you put your faith in him.

I was going through some times of grief and strife in my life, I wasn't taking the time to acknowledge that God was in control
and that he could better my conditions. That is why he decided to speak to me in a dream after I asked him when were these things in my
life going to change for the better. He replied back to me; "In due season, All in due time. When I awakened from my dream, I went about my day without a thought about the dream until I heard a radio program where a pastor who does the show said that the bad things was going to change in our lives all in due season. I ran to the bible and was led to Galatians 6:9

No one couldn't tell me that was not the Lord giving me a message that I needed to hear in Due Season. I published my book in July 8, 2011 and before I even wrote it I was having some issues where I was becoming depressed and feeling worthless.
I even thought about ending my life, but God came to me in my spirit and told me that my life was worth it and that there was something I should be doing,
and that was to write a book about my experiences with hearing his voice and seeing angels; he also wants  me to let people know in this book that the spiritual realm is alive and that we are not alone. There is also a demonic spiritual realm that is daangerous and that we should not get caught up or deceived.

God told me that when he spoke to me and said to me "In Due Season" it was for a reason. Write this book for his sheep. In Due Season: We Will Hear God's Voice.  is available on kindle format on it is definitely worth it to hear God's message and see true events that took place in my life that will leave you in awe and it will touch your heart. It is a little book with a powerful impact.

If you can spend your time reading James Patterson's or Danielle Steele's books, that is wonderful that you have an interest. However, there are books out
there that are self publuished by ordinary every day people who are not celebrities and that has had true life experiences that they want to share with the world. It's not because they want to be rich and famous but because they want to share their stories or show you their beautiful talent too.

I am a new Christian author who is letting God bless me with the dream of being an author. There will be obstacles thrown in my way as it is thrown in everyones way at some point in their lives, whether negative or positive. God spoke to me through a dream and I've experienced angelic encounters that I believe others as well as me has had these sorts of things happen in their lives.

Telling my story will encourage others to share their beautiful messages from God. In Due Season has been out since July in paperback and august it became an ebook too. You have your choices of what formats you want to read it from. kindle store is where you can find the ebook for 99 cents. It is an affordable book so if you take the time to purchase some major celebrities fantasy books that may leave you empty and not moved after you've read it; take the time to read my book and give me a review on amazon, it will help out and be appreciate more than you know.  You can find this book in other bookstores such as Barnes and Noble, Powell's, Books A Million and just about most bookstores all over the world. It is a print on demand so you will have to get someone to order it for you.

Writing this book was a pleasure and I was led to write this beautiful story by God.  May God bless the reader.